Letters of “Thanks”

We received this note from Kaysi Paul and wanted to share. Kaysi is an assistant coach at the Miracle Field of Murfreesboro and her kind words are exactly why we wanted to make this facility a reality for Middle Tennesseans.22552661_10155652518653950_5323659692775010825_n

“My name is Kaysi Paul, and I am the assistant coach for the Red Sox at the Miracle Field in Murfreesboro, TN. I have cerebral palsy, and I walk with a blue walker.

When I was younger, I played baseball on a challenger league in Nashville. However, it wasn’t accessible and as inclusive as Miracle Field. Growing up with a disability was tough as my parents had to improvise because many organizations and individuals were not willing to give me a chance.

As an adult that is about to graduate from Middle Tennessee State University this December, my mission is to make sure children and adults with disabilities feel appreciated and wanted. Therefore, when I was offered the opportunity to be apart and be a coach at Miracle Field, I jumped on the opportunity. I am very grateful and honored to be apart of the Miracle Field in Murfreesboro. Thank you for your family’s support, David’s support, and Project One Four to make all of this possible. Because of your efforts, the children coming behind me will have opportunities that I hoped for. It is a joy to see the smiles on everyone’s faces during practices and games.

In addition, I would like to express my appreciation for being able to meet and talk to David before my team played today. I was honored to meet him, have a ball signed, and have a picture with him. While my team enjoys practices and games every week, I know they enjoyed today’s extra special experience, too.

Thank you for your time,
Kaysi Paul

P.S. Before each practice, I swing in the adapted zipline swing. I love it!”


Tamara, a single working mother from Murfreesboro whose son has spinal bifida, came to the clinic with a severely infected mouth. She was living with pain because she, like many mothers, chose to put her child’s needs before hers. At Interfaith, she didn’t have to make this choice. Quality care was delivered at a price she could afford. Recently, she told us, “I am no longer hiding in the corner, watching from afar. My son sees such a difference in me!”

Thanks to donors like Project 14, many more people in Rutherford County will experience the same life change that Tamara did. They will have healthier smiles and brighter futures.

Logo - Salvation Army Murfreesboro

Thank you for your generous donation. The Murfreesboro Corps has a very limited budget and your continued assistance greatly aids us in helping the less fortunate, provide meals, nights of safe shelter, articles of clothing and emergency help in times of crisis.

Your donation was used to buy seventy one back packs & numerous school supplies for many needy children in our area.

Boro Bandits

On behalf of The Boro Bandits Travel Team, I would like to Thank you Sponsoring our baseball team. Your support will open many new opportunities for these players, as well as help develop their baseball skills. Your contribution will enable them to participate in highly distinguished tournaments and these events will broaden their discipline and character, on and off the field which is invaluable to their future endeavors.



Jan 24, 2013

Largo Recreation Project One-Four / David Price Foundation

I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for the assistance we received this last baseball season. My son, Elijah, is an amazing child and student. His love for baseball is genuine and the only sport that he seems to take great amount of time and attention for. With the assistance received Elijah was able to participate in exercise activities, socialize with his peers, and learn from an amazing set of coaches. Again, thanks to everyone for your effort in providing our family with the financial assistance needed.

Jodi Casabon



Murfreesboro City School